CD : Not'CD 2
Released : 03/31/2005
Format / Label : MP3 / Internet
Tracks : Introduction / Tension / Extinction

About : this compilation comes from the NowPlaying mailing-list, a french internet group originally linked to the radio show C'est Lenoir, a kind of french Peel Sessions. Artists are members from this mailing-list, and produce all kind of music from pop, post-rock, ambient, electronic, concrete music.
Introduction / Tension / Extinction is a tryptic of small pieces. Piano and clicks for the first one, then the second one is based on the first one, and the last one is based on the second one.
Composed a few days after the track for Je suis un étranger, same kind of work.

CD : Je suis un étranger
Released : 03/01/2005
Format / Label : CD / Ronda
Track : Teach Me How

About : the aim of this compilation was to use samples from a learning language method. The langage choosen for this track was norwegian.
It's rather ambient, dark & spooky, with clicks'n bass, and strings FX (original strings come from a traditional norwegian piece).

Other artists : CH District - dDamage - Displacer - Hypo - Mils - Silencio - Sun Plexus - Transbeauce

CD : Anatomy of a Maniac
Released : 05/2004
Format / Label : 2xCD-R / 3 Patttes
Track : La ligne de fuite du temps

About : the aim of this compilation was to use samples from the original soundtrack of Maniac, an old horror movie directed by William Lustig (1980), to make another piece that could be in the original soundtrack of the movie.
Just imagine that someone wants to kill you. He is chasing at you, you try to escape, to find a safe place, you are breathless...

Other artists : Bene Gesserit - Final Cut - Giscard le Survivant - Iloj Tone - Liquid Sphere - Planetaldol - RipIt - Zerogoki...